All our work in every tear of paper.

From technical requirements to certifications: behind the paper you use every day at home there is much more detail in producing paper.

Nicky: not just paper, but real solutions!

Nicky products are produced by the Sofidel Group and are made from the most innovative and state of the art paper mill and converting technologies. Available in several countries, Nicky products are a perfect representation of Sofidel, with specific emphasis on environmental sustainability and social responsibility issues, ranging from decreasing carbon emissions from operations, reducing plastic use, mitigating risks along its supply chain, and annually discloses its performance to third parties.

Transparent, like our packaging.

Sofidel’s emphasis on ethics and transparency distinguish it from i competitors. As a result, Nicky is one of the few brands in the entire paper sector that embraces this level of transparency on its packaging. All of the information can be easily found on our packaging, such as:

  • 1. A brief description explaining the unique characteristics and possible uses of the product you are purchasing
  • 2. The distinctive technical characteristics of each product, such as the number of plies, paper weight, and length
  • 3. Contact information and references to receive information about our products, including a dedicated website, email address, and customer care phone number

FSC Certification

With its emphasis on environmental responsibility and sustainability, Sofidel adopted purchasing policies regarding raw material and virgin fiber used in its papermaking in making these decisions, 100% of the fiber used in Sofidel’s third party certified, the majority of which (over 74% in 2020) was certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

Founded in 1993, FSC is an independent, non governmental, non-profit organization that promotes responsible management of global forests

The FSC label on Nicky packaging ensures that the fiber used to make the products are derived from forests managed according to the strictest environmental, social, and economic standards. Almost 900 organizations have joined this organization, and it has been endorsed by other non-profit organizations such as the WWF, Natural Resources Defense Council, Sierra Club, and National Wildlife Federation.

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