Nicky Elite Ultra Strong & Absorbent Kitchen Towel, Adapt-A-Size®

Product features

Nicky Elite Ultra Strong & Absorbent Kitchen Towel has a modern design, perfect for all kitchen spaces. Ideal for large households and big families. We are committed to bring innovation, hygiene and comfort while implementing sustainable contribution. The kitchen roll is also 100% biodegradable, Adapt-A-Size® sheets let you adjust your towel to the size of your spill.

Ultra strong and absorbent

Nicky Elite Kitchen Towel has a unique emboss, which offers additional absorbency and strength - ideal for all household cleaning tasks, including soaking up spills, wiping hard surfaces, windows, and cleaning up after large family gatherings or watch parties around your favorite sports team.

Paper Pack

Nicky Elite has gone beyond traditional packaging and has chosen to carefully wrap its products with paper instead of plastic, offering a more sustainable choice for household paper without compromising on quality. The new packaging is made from, a renewable and readily biodegradable material, with a lower impact of plastic on the environment and the world’s oceans. The packaging is easily recyclable from the comfort of your homes.

FSC® certified

Nicky Elite is one of the most sustainable ranges of household paper products created for the home. The FSC® Certification (license code: FSC-C137952) issued by Preferred by Nature, ensures Nicky Elite products are produced with raw materials obtained from responsibly managed forests and controlled sources. The Rainforest Alliance Certified Seal ensure the standard for Sustainable Agriculture is met.